No.Item DescriptionABCPublishedClosing StatusDownload
10ITB-Procurement of PATROL CAR for the MPOS – BARMM (PBD No.: MPOS-BARMM-2022-04)Php 9,000,000.0005/31/ 202206/15/ 2022ClosedView

ITB-Procurement of WATERCRAFT for the MPOS – BARMM (PBD No.: MPOS-BARMM-2022-03)
Php 9,000,000.00
05/31/ 202206/15/ 2022ClosedView

8ITB-Procurement of One Service Vehicle (Van) for the MPOS – BARMM (PBD No.: MPOS-BARMM-2022-02)Php 1,800,000.0001/27/202202/21/2022ClosedView
7BID BULLETIN NO. 01 (PBD-MPOS-BARMM-2022-01)02/07/202202/21/2022ClosedView
6Procurement of ICT Equipment for the MPOS-BARMM (PBD-MPOS-BARMM-2022-01)Php 1,345,000.0001/26/202202/21/2022ClosedView
5Bid-Bulletin-No.1-(PB MPOS-BARMM-08-2021-002)Php 4,127,629.2509/06/2021September 14, 2021; 10:00 AMClosedView
4Invitation to Bid for the Procurement and supply (PB MPOS-BARMM 08-2021-002).Php 5,146, 646.2508/25/202109/14/2021ClosedView
3Invitation to Bid for the Re-Bidding of one service vehicle (Commuter Van)Php 1,800, 000.0003/16/202104/05/2021ClosedView
2Re-Bidding of One (1) Customized Emergency Response Vehicle Php 2, 000, 000.0003/16/202104/05/2021ClosedView
1Procurement of one Service Vehicle (Pickup)Php 1,900, 000.0003/16/202104/05/2021ClosedView